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Solitude of the Valkyrie ~P~ Solitude of the Valkyrie ~P~

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I just discovered this piece of art, it's been like 5 years since I registered at Newgrounds, and I rarely spent more than 15 mins on this website, well, now I know what I missed ;
A lots of good song like this one,it's a beautiful one,and would fit any theme anime for a AMV or video game trailer, this is just fantastic, I'm going to listen to all of your songs and spend more than 15 mins on this website, you deserve 5 stars and even a donation @Paypal
Please, send me your paypal in PM, I would like to donate, to support you in your great job, and keep up this perfect harmonie or idk how you say in english D:

Phyrnna responds:

Thank you so much for enjoying my music!

I do have a Patreon over at if you want to support me. ^.^/

Again thank you so much for the rating and review, and please share my music around~! <3